Javascript Assignment Operator with Example

Assignment Operator The followings are the assignment operator in javascript: Simple Assignment Additional Assignment Subtraction Assignment Multiplication Assignment Division Assignment Reminder Assignment   Simple Assignment (=) This operator assigns the right operand value to the left operand. var a=’apple’, b=’banana’,c=’cat’; Additional Assignment (+=) This operator adds the value of the right operand to a variable … Read moreJavascript Assignment Operator with Example

Javascript Operators

The task of the operator is to perform some operation on certain values(operands). For example, 10 + 15,where 10 and 15 are left and right operand and + is an operator. Javascript has the following types of operators. Assignment Operator Comparison operators Arithmetic operators Bitwise operators Logical operators String operators Conditional (ternary) operator Comma operator … Read moreJavascript Operators

How to merge multiple arrays in javascript using concat method or spread operator.

When you want to merge two or more arrays, there are following three ways that you can use. concat method spread operator. merge array using push and unshift 1. concat method concat method is used to merge two or more array and it doesn’t alter any existing array but it returns a new array. 1. … Read moreHow to merge multiple arrays in javascript using concat method or spread operator.

Angular *ngSwitch Directive

In this article, we’ll see how can we use ngSwitch directive in angular application. ngSwitch is a structural directive that adds or removes templates when the next match expression matches the switch expression. Using ngSwitch ngSwitch is used to display one element from set of elements based on the condition. ngSwitch also contains related structural directive … Read moreAngular *ngSwitch Directive

Angular *ngFor directive example

In this article, we’ll see how to use angular’s ngFor directive. ngFor is angular’s builtin structural directive which renders a template for each item of the supplied array. Example Now let’s see how to use it. import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’;<br /> <br />@Component({<br /> selector: ‘app-demo’,<br /> template: `<br /> &lt;ul&gt;<br /> &lt;li … Read moreAngular *ngFor directive example

Angular web development tutorial

Angular Tutorials Angular Environment Setup Angular Components Example Angular Modules Angular ngFor directive Forms Getting Started with Angular Reactive Forms Angular Reactive Forms With Built In Validators Example Validators Custom Validators in Angular Match Password Validation in Angular Reactive Forms Pipe Angular Slice Pipe Example Angular Date Pipe Example Angular UpperCase and LowerCase Pipe Example … Read moreAngular web development tutorial