Three Js Journey with React

👉Three Js

➡️ What is a Three Js?

● Three.js is an open source JavaScript library that is used to display the graphics, 3D and 2D objects on the web browser.

● Three.js was released by Ricardo Cabello (Mr. doob) in April 2010.

● It uses WebGL API behind the scene.

● Three Js mostly works with WebGL.

● Learn more about three js.

➖ Installation Process

npm i three

Camera :

Types of Camera :

  1. Perspective Camera
  2. Stereo Camera.
  3. Orthographic Camera
  4. Cube Camera
Camera Three js

Light :

Types of Light :

  1. Ambient light
  2. Directional light
  3. Point light
  4. Spot light
Ligths in three js

👉React Three Fiber

➡️ What is React Three Fiber?

● React-three-fiber is a React renderer for three.js

react-three-fiber is a powerful Three. Js renderer that helps render 3D models and animations for React and its native applications.

➖ Installation Process

npm install three @react-three/fiber

Example of Basic Application :

React-three-fiber example-Three Js Journey with React

Output :

Three Js Journey with React

Three Js Journey With React

🔸 React – Three js Setup🔸

create-react-app three-js // Create React App

  👉 Add dependency

    ➖ npm i three

    ➖ npm i @react-three/fiber

    ➖ npm i @react-three/drei

    ➖ npm i gsap

    ➖ npm i @react-three/cannon // physics: 3D library

🔸Add dependency All in one🔸

npm i three @react-three/fiber @react-three/drei @react-three/cannon gsap

Do’s & Don’ts for performance and best practices


Most use Geometry R3F

Three js Resources:

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