Setting up your first Angular_ Project Using Angular CLI

Angular Project Using Angular CLI is a command line tool which makes it easy for creating and scaffolding an application that works and follows solid practices.


Note: Before you install angular-cli make sure you have
1. Node 6.9.0 or higher (node -v)
2. NPM 3 or higher (npm -v)

To Install the Angular CLI

npm install -g angular/cli

That’s it!, Now we can start using Angular CLI

Creating a New Project

ng new [project-name]

This will take a time becaue it will generate a project and also it will install all npm packages

You can also add options:

ng new [project-name] [--option]


Options (ng new)

There are multiple options availbale for ng new command:

It generates routing module which is app.module.ts

ng new jslovely --routing

It will generate component selector with specified prefix name.
Default prefix value is app.
-To change the default prefix value:

 ng new jslovely --prefix myapp

Now it will generate all component selector with myapp prefix

The style file default extension. Default extension is:css
Possible values are:

  • css
  • scss
  • less
  • sass
  • styl
ng new jslovely style scss

It will skip installing npm packges.

ng new jslovely --skip-install

It will skip creating .spec files and e2e functionality

ng new jslovely --skip-tests

There are many more options available,I just mentioned some of those which are more often used.
You can find more options here:

Also there is a nice video for Angular CLI by John Papa:

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